Stephanie and Isaac have been together for over a decade. Their marriage is one of those that I just love to admire; you can tell by watching how they interact with each other that they truly bring out the best in one another. Their marriage is strong and inspiring. Together, they have built an incredibly successful business that has locations in three different states (and some of the yummiest donuts I’ve ever tasted!) known as Five Daughters Bakery. Perhaps, though, the bakery’s namesake are the biggest treasure for Stephanie and Isaac– their five daughters whom they are currently raising in Nashville.

When I was in November last fall for a workshop, I had the opportunity to photograph Stephanie and Isaac for their anniversary on the beach, and it could not have been a more perfect evening. At the beginning of their session, Stephanie was telling us about their wedding and how she and Isaac don’t have many quality meaningful photographs from that day. I could really tell that this session was going to mean a lot to them. They have weathered so many things as a couple, and are so deserving to have their story documented, just as numerous wives and husbands across the globe. Marriage is a beautiful thing that should be celebrated, over and over– not just on the wedding day. That’s merely the beginning of each story!

We had so much fun throughout their session, playing around in the water, dancing in the waves, laughing, running across the sand and chasing the last tiny bit of light through the horizon as the sun went down. I was grateful to have been in their presence for just a short time, because their joy and genuine affection for each was extremely contagious and just filled up my heart! Since then, I have been following Stephanie on Instagram, and her stories always inspire me. She is very transparent about her family values, offers fun peeks into life as a family of seven and always has an encouraging word to share with others. If you’re looking for uplifting accounts to fill your social media this year, I highly recommend her.

Stephanie and Isaac, here’s to you and the testament of loving marriage that you provide. I am so glad that our paths crossed even shortly, because I was so blessed to meet you and am grateful to have been a part of celebrating your sweet story. I hope you will cherish this session when you look at your photos and be able to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished together through your marriage. Here are a few of my favorites from Stephanie and Isaac’s sunset anniversary session in Rosemary Beach, Florida.

Location: Rosemary Beach, Florida

Dress: David’s Bridal

Floral Design: Whitney Norris

Donuts: Five Daughters Bakery

Couple: Stephanie & Isaac Meek

Workshop: Teale Photography