In March, Carly and Zach will be getting married at one of the most beautiful locations in town. Yep, you guessed it: Lambuth University. (I’m only a little biased, okay?!) So of course, for their engagement session, we had to start out with a walk around campus, dreaming and talking about their big day and all of the exciting details that are in store for this beautiful couple!

Carly and Zach met through mutual friends while Carly was attending the U of M at Lambuth. They have pretty much been inseparable ever since. They also have THE cutest dog, Gracie Mae. Gracie even joined us for a few photos during the second half of their session, before she got too excited and had to go run around!

After we left Lambuth, I followed Carly and Zach out to Carly’s family’s property in South Jackson, where we were greeted with the most beautiful sunset and her grandfather’s old antique Ford truck. Let’s just say I fell in love when I saw it. Did you know I’ve always had a thing for cars?! Especially this one – mint, glossy, and deep blue. She’s a real looker! It was so awesome of Carly’s grandfather to bring it out for some of their pictures. At their wedding, he will be doing the same with an old antique luxury car and I can’t wait to see it.

Before their session, Carly told me how nervous she was that Zach was going to complain, not have any fun, and possibly not want to take his hat off for their pictures. And you know what? I think he had the best time out of all of us! Not only did he smile the whole time, but he was a natural at making his own poses and not once did I see his hat come out! It just goes to show you that taking pictures really can be fun for anyone (yes, guys, even you). All you have to do is remember it’s just extra time for you to spend with the one you love, with an excuse to hold their hand, be a little silly, snuggle a little, steal a kiss or two, and daydream about the future. I just happen to be there too, snapping a button on my camera. And before you know it, the session’s over and you’ve just been on one of the most fun dates you’ve had in a while!

Carly and Zach, I’m so excited for your Spring wedding that I can barely stand it! I seriously can’t stop imagining how perfect it’s going to be.

Here are a few favorites from their fall engagement session. Enjoy!