Here's the thing: it has become evident to me that being a photographer is about more than just taking pretty pictures.
I have a unique opportunity to serve others. Tell stories. Preserve memories.
To be intentional in helping my couples create beautiful moments. And I absolutely take this to heart.
You will spend more time with your wedding photographer than ANY other person on your wedding day (yes, even your spouse!)
So, if you're looking for someone who...
-You can be YOU around
-Will make your experience as stress-free as possible
-Doubles as a dress-fluffer, mascara-wiper & bouquet-holder
-You can trust to take care of you AND your loved ones, rain or shine
-Makes you forget you're even taking photos
And will cheer you on, encourage & pray for you along the way... Then you are right where you need to be! 

A legacy of love


"we had the most perfect experience with millie. The planning she does is unmatched & her work is breathtaking. She is A constant encourager and supporter, and she truly became a friend to us."
-Ashlee c.

kind words

"i can't express how grateful i am for the work millie did. seeing her exercise her gift of serving & expertise with photography, i'd say this may be the single most important part of the wedding. she captures life & joy & goodness." -sara & lance s.

kind words

"we wouldn't have wanted anyone else as our photographer. Millie gets excited about little details with you throughout the planning process. she made us feel like rockstars on our wedding day & our photos are amazing." -leanna & alex v.

kind words

"millie is absolutely outstanding. she takes the time to get to know her clients so she can create the most meaningful photos. When you leave your session, you feel like family." -kathryn & logan S.

kind words

"millie is such a gift. she is genuinely encouraging & makes you feel safe. her photos are outstanding & have brought such a deep welling joy to my soul."
-stephanie m.

kind words


Be a Honeysuckle Bride

I believe in connection, and cultivating an experience designed especially for you. This is why I offer custom wedding collections, tailored to each couple's unique needs. I would love nothing more than to serve you on your wedding day!

You can learn more about my wedding experience here. I cannot wait to welcome you to the Honeysuckle Bride Tribe! If you are ready to chat, click on the link below to connect with me today.