Someone once said to me, "You get to witness so much joy behind your camera - how amazing is that?!" And it has never been lost on me. My name is Millie and I'm a wedding & portrait photographer based in Jackson, Tennessee. I do believe photographs are a source of JOY! So if you are joyful, sentimental + maybe just a little on the romantic side, you have come to the right place! 


wedding photographer in jackson tn

It's going to be the best day ever!

If I could tell every engaged couple just ONE thing, it would be this: At the end of your wedding day, before you fall asleep, talk through your entire day together. Share the funny things that happened, what made you cry, recount the names of the people who were their to cheer you on. Listen to each other's perspectives and don't leave out a single detail. If you do this, you'll solidify those memories and remember them better, long into your marriage!

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