When I met Samantha and Jeremy at their engagement session back in the spring, I knew, without a doubt, that their wedding would be one for the books. And I was right! For a little bit of background information, I straight up cried during their engagement photos. (I know you are already thinking that I’m a crazy person after reading that sentence.) I mean, I didn’t start sobbing or anything. But I just had this wave of, “Oh-my-gosh-these-two-are-so-crazy-about-each-other-and-they-completely-trust-me-with-this-incredible-honor-and-I-JUST-AM-SO-OVERWHELMED-RIGHT-NOW”. Does that make any sense? Samantha had just given Jeremy this look of complete devotion and trust and I got goosebumps photographing them. My heart could have exploded. This couple. This experience. This gift I have been given to photograph couples and walk alongside them on one of the greatest days of their lives. Sometimes it just gets to me and I can’t help myself!

These two are the real deal, and I knew that five minutes into meeting them. On September 7, 2019, their friends and family gathered from all over West Tennessee to be a testimony to this. And they couldn’t have chosen a more perfect location to begin their lives together than at the beautiful Cogan’s Farm in Henderson, Tennessee. Here are some of my favorite images and moments from their wedding day! Enjoy!

Samantha and Jeremy chose to write their own vows and kept them in this leather notebook. I stole a glance at Jeremy’s vows while photographing them, and he had written out the lyrics to “You’ve Got A Friend In Me”, which I thought was so cute and funny. It fits his personality well, and Samantha (and the congregation) loved it during their ceremony!

Samantha and Jeremy’s dogs mean everything to them. They would have brought a little too much excitement to the wedding day, so this is the sweet way that the bride chose to incorporate them!

There was lots of laughter and a few tears while Sam was getting ready with her girls, from the sweet moments with her mom to the epic reaction from her bridesmaids!

Jeremy’s reaction to seeing his beautiful bride was perfect. He couldn’t stop grinning and she couldn’t stop smiling, either! Not to mention this spot was MAGICAL!

What’s my favorite thing about first looks? The fact that couples are completely FREE to react in a way that is natural and expressive. You want to scoop up your bride in a big bear hug? Go for it. You want to tell her how hot she looks? Do it. This is your time to be together. Embrace it!

The dog tags on Sam’s bouquet were a surprise for Jeremy. Of course, he loved them!

Not a single soul in the world could have looked as AMAZING as Samantha did in this gown. She. Is. STUNNING!

I mean… HOW beautiful are they?! These film scans made me scream with excitement!

After their first look, Samantha and Jeremy’s bridesmaids and groomsmen met us outside for bridal party portraits, and out time together did NOT disappoint!

These ladies looked SO beautiful! And the color palette was perfect for early fall.

It was hard to keep these guys from laughing the whole time–which is a good thing! I love joyful bridal parties!

You never know who is photo bomb you at the farm! Johnny and June had to make an appearance and hang out with the guys!

Can you tell we had fun?!

This was my first time shooting at Cogan’s Farm, but I IMMEDIATELY fell in love with it. I’m sure you can see why – it is beautiful!

Jeremy surprised his mother by walking her down the aisle. She wasn’t expecting it and it was the SWEETEST thing!

It was bright and hot… but that didn’t distract one bit from this sweet couple and the love everyone shared with them!

“You’ve got a friend in me, you’ve got a friend in me…” I told you it was well-received!

I love this shot of Jeremy checking out his new bling!

After their families and guests headed to the reception, I got to steal the bride and groom away for some romantic portraits as the sun was setting. And Y’ALL. It was amazing!

This is what it looks like when a bride and groom COMPLETELY trust their photographer. We trekked through a pasture of horse manure to follow the golden light and THIS was the end result. I’m so incredibly grateful for these two and how they trusted me!

The reception was full of really delicious food, heartfelt toasts, silly dancing and lots of laughter – but these were some of of the highlights for me!

Samantha and Jeremy, words cannot express how much I love you both and how grateful I am that you chose and trusted me to capture your love story! As cheesy as it may sound, my heart just fills to the brim with joy when I look at these pictures and think about you guys. I wish you both the very best and can’t wait for your biggest adventures yet to unfold as you begin your marriage!