a few of my favorite things

I love to travel. Mountains, beaches, museums - I love to visit new cities, explore historical places and taste new foods. Adventure is out there and I intend to find it!

My husband Josh and I have been married since May 27, 2017. We got married at the summer camp where we first met and became friends through our shared love of music and Jesus. I think he's a total stud and the funniest man I know!

I am obsessed with fresh flowers. Hydrangeas, peonies and garden roses are some of my favorites, but anything with petals makes my heart flutter!

I have a pet hedgehog named Moses, but we call him Mo for short. He's an African Pygmy Hedgehog who loves to run around, play hide-and-seek and take lots of naps!

I love connecting with others through photographs. Really getting to know my clients, learning about them and creating a fun and inviting environment is so important to me! This is the best part of my job!