Hope and Sawyer are two of the most down-to-earth, fun, and easy going people I’ve met in a long time–and they truly bring out the best in each other. These things became evident to me during their engagement session a few months ago. From the second Hope got out of the car, we started chatting just like we’d known each other forever. And we had plenty to talk about, because she and I are both teachers–fine arts teachers, to be exact! (We may teach in two different counties and have slightly different subjects, but I promise there is always more than enough to dish about when you share our profession!)

Hope and Sawyer had originally set their wedding date for June 6, but because of Covid and out of an abundance of caution for their families, they chose to postpone their date by a couple of months. All of my brides have been on my heart, so much more than usual, this year. Knowing how stressful planning a wedding is when you are NOT in the middle of a global pandemic really leads me to believe that they are actual superheroes for planning one now.

I always preach about “celebrating every season” and I firmly believe this is especially important now, more than ever. When there is something to celebrate in 2020, we have to do it BIG! So, I surprised Hope and Sawyer with a bottle of champagne and two glasses to toast to their engagement. Because, even though their original wedding plans had to shift a little, at the end of this process, they still have each other, they still get to be married, and there is still SO much to celebrate and look forward to! And I know that these two especially are going to have so much fun, and so much to be thankful for as they begin their new life together in a few short days.

So here’s to Hope and Sawyer! (And here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session–take a wild guess at how hard it was for me to choose!)

They make each other smile and laugh so easily… I love how they compliment one another so well!

I’m looking forward to recreating so many of these at their wedding at The Caldwell Inn & Chapel!

Hope is so beautiful and radiant–I could photograph her and her GORGEOUS smile all day long!

Pro tip: Shake the champagne bottle as much as you can after you open it for optimum “pop”!

Josh and I used these same crystal flutes at our wedding and I love being able to reuse them with my couples!

Can you tell what subject Hope teaches by her ability to choose the prettiest outfits? (Hint: It’s not music, haha!)

Talk about a watercolor sunset! But seriously… God was showing out with that glow!

Ugh. These two slay me with how gorgeous they are together. And how they can go from super smoldering to a pile of giggles in seconds!

I genuinely felt like I had known these two forever when I left to go home. I’m so glad I have the honor of telling their story!

Hope and Sawyer, your engagement session was magical! Let’s create some more magic on your wedding day. See you SOON!