Leanna was one of my sweet 2018 brides. I guess you could say she’s an alum of the Honeysuckle Bride Tribe – and I am oh-so-thankful for her and her husband Alex! They have not only trusted me with their engagement and wedding photos, but also their family photos and now they are getting ready to welcome their FIRST baby, and I had the honor of photographing this sweet season of anticipation for them.

Leanna came into my life a bit unconventionally. About four months before her wedding, she lost her wedding photographer and had to start over in her search. I know she was overwhelmed and feeling like a wrench had been thrown in her plans, but the Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes. Someone referred her to me, and after one phone call, we both knew that I was the perfect fit for her and Alex.

I got to know Leanna throughout her wedding journey, and she is now my friend. She is inspiring, encouraging, strong, kind, and extremely passionate about the people she loves and the future she is chasing for her family. She is an unbelievably BEAUTIFUL woman, both inside and out. I think the fact that she is about to be a mother only makes her more gorgeous! I can’t wait to watch her become a mom because I know she is only going to shine brighter in all of these traits as she leads her little one.

If I Josh and I have children one day, I hope I can be half as beautiful and graceful as you, Leanna. I mean it. You are Alex are such a blessing to me and I just think the world should know it!

Here are my favorite images from Leanna’s maternity session in December. Enjoy!

The sunset was on our side during Leanna’s maternity session. It made the perfect backdrop!

What did I tell you – she is GORGEOUS. And look at her rockin’ that hat!

This baby is going to have the best parents!

I can’t tell you how much we laughed during their session. (Just believe me when I say it was a lot!)

I can’t wait to see if their son has blue eyes… my bets are on yes!


Millie Hayes is a portrait and wedding photographer based in Jackson, Tennessee. She is also a middle school vocal music teacher and is married to Josh Hayes. She loves to shoot real film, travel, eat ice cream and laugh a lot.