If you loved my earlier post about the dreamy Eiffel Tower engagement session, then YOU JUST WAIT because the images from this elopement at Chateau Bouffemont are going to completely sweep you off your feet! And if you read that entry, you might remember the part about me not enjoying my first trip to Paris back in 2010 and hoping to remedy it this time around. The truth is, I DID change my mind about Paris, but not before the devil tried to keep me from enjoying myself.

After spending nearly an entire day in the Newark airport and then flying overnight to France–full of anxiety, mind you–when we arrived at ORLY, I discovered that my luggage hadn’t quite made the trip with me. Y’ALL. I was in a different country, across the dang ocean, supposed to be there for nearly two weeks, and I had NO luggage. No underwear, no make-up, no clothes (other than the emergency pair in my carry-on), no nothing. When I realized, after circling the baggage claim like a vulture for nearly thirty minutes, that my suitcase was nowhere to be found, I could feel the panic setting in and rising up in my chest.

The lone airport employee at the baggage claim was not much help, either. And he only spoke a little English, which made me feel even more panicked when I tried to figure out where my luggage was and when (IF?) if would arrive. Tired, hungry, and frustrated, I resolved to be thankful that my camera equipment was safely in my carry-on and I at least had a few toiletries and some pajamas to wear that night. Kelly and Mekina assured me that everything would be okay and when the rest of the women in our group heard about my luggage, they rose to the occasion and started offering me clothing and accessories, left and right.

I have never had to rely on the simple kindness of other women as much as I did my first few days in Paris! On the day we traveled to Chateau Bouffemont for this amazing elopement inspiration shoot, the only reason I looked presentable was because of them. I did not want for anything because they took such good care of me. They literally gave me clothes to wear and shared everything they had with me until my luggage arrived (thank the Lord!) in about the middle of the week.

You might be thinking this is a weird story to accompany such a GORGEOUS set of images… but in all honestly, this is what I think of when I remember this day. Had ti not been for such an incredible group of women, my whole outlook would have been different and I just know I would not have enjoyed myself as much. (Which would have been a cryin’ shame, because this Chateau is the REAL DEAL.)

All I kept thinking the whole day was, “I am in a real-life fairy tale right now!” The location, details, design, vendor team… everything was beyond perfect.

I don’t know how many times I can say it, but Alyssa is a vision.

We all need a pair of shoes like these. How could anyone not be obsessed with them?

Our stylist REALLY outdid herself with the hair artistry this week. I mean just LOOK.

Have you ever seen a more picture-perfect bride and groom? I didn’t think so!

If anyone was wondering what my favorite color palette is, or my dream tablescape, or basically just what I dream about when I think of flowers… here you go.

These tones. This place. This day. Can I move in? Can I live here? Please?

These women inspire me! What a perfect day – it could not have been any more magical!

Dream Team of Vendors:

Host: @juliepaisley
Planning & Styling: @heatherbengeevents
Venue: @chateaubouffemont
Flowers: @lettreaelise_events
Hair & Makeup: @emily.artistry
Stationery: @prettywrittenthings
Bridal Robe: @douxanddelicate
Bridal Gown: @galialahav
Tuxedo: @generationtux
Rentals: @maison_options
Jewelry: @oliveavejewelry
Shoes: @somethingbleu_
Macaroons: @duchessofdesserts
Accessories: @janicetan_co

Find them all on Instagram and be inspired, too!