Carly & Ty met while they were both working at a summer camp in North Carolina. The girls on staff that summer would refer to the guys by referencing their favorite colors. So, when they were talking about who they liked, Carly would call Ty by his code name, “Mr. Green”. We joked about this during their engagement session, because after all the rain we’ve had this season, the grass on the farm was so green and vibrant. I love their story because it is so similar to mine – Josh and I met at a summer camp, too, and I’ve never photographer another couple who had this is common!

Carly reached out to me a few weeks ago wanting to do their engagement session at sunrise in the country. We made plans to wake up early last Saturday morning and head to the farm just before the sun came up, but the weather had other ideas. Luckily, we were able to reschedule and I’m so glad we did, because we had the most BEAUTIFUL evening we could have asked for!

Carly and Ty made my job so easy. In fact, I wouldn’t call what I get to do “work” at all, when I have sessions like theirs. We laughed, told stories, and figured out just how small of a world we live in through all of the things and people we have in common. After their session, Josh and I joined Carly and Ty for dinner at one of our favorite local Mexican restaurants and continued the fun. I love my clients and spending time getting to know them. It’s hands down my favorite part about what I do.

Carly and Ty will be getting married in Kentucky in November, which is where Ty is from and where he just accepted an awesome job as program director at a new summer camp. I’m so glad I got to be the one to capture this sweet and wonderful milestone in their love story! Their session quickly became one of my favorites to date. They radiate love for each other, and their joy is tangible and contagious.

Carly and Ty, I wish you all of the best for your future! Here are some of my favorite pictures from their engagement session, though it was really hard for me to choose which ones to share!