I have known Chelsea and Scott since college. Chelsea and I are sorority sisters, and we were roommates during my junior year of undergrad. I have so many fond memories that include Chelsea! She and Scott are college sweethearts, and I think it’s safe to say that when the two of them started dating, we all knew they had something special.

When Chelsea and Scott got engaged I was so excited for them! They asked me to take their engagement pictures, and of course they chose the beautiful Lambuth University campus where we all met and made such wonderful friendships. Their wedding will always be one of my favorites that I’ve ever attended. It was intimate, in a beautiful forest setting alongside a creek deep in the hills of Middle Tennessee. Chelsea looked stunning in her simple wedding gown (that had pockets!) and Scott’s reaction when she walked down the aisle was priceless. I remember so much joy and laughter from their reception, where the most delicious southern comfort food was served and old friends stayed on the dance floor for what seemed like hours celebrating love and friendship.

Chelsea and Scott’s marriage is a beautiful representation of all the things I recall from the wedding day: joy, LOTS of laughter, friendship, love, and comfort. When Chelsea told me they wanted to do an anniversary session to celebrate their fourth wedding anniversary, I was thrilled to both do the session and to spend some time catching up with the two of them. As usual, we picked up right where we left off, laughing and retelling stories from our “glory days” and sharing new stories of our “grown up” lives. I was excited for Josh, my husband, to spend time with Chelsea and Scott, too. It’s beautiful to me when old friendships cross over to form new ones.

Chelsea and Scott made an important decision when they decided to take anniversary pictures. Not only did they create some absolutely gorgeous images, but they documented something much more important than what is seen on the wedding day. They documented the real, uncut emotion of a marriage that was built to last. I am always struck with happiness when I see Chelsea and Scott. Their joy and love for each other simply radiates from all angles when they’re together. We literally spent the whole morning laughing (and I mean the kind of laughing that makes you double over!) and I’m so glad I was able to capture this sweet milestone for them.

It can be so easy for us to let time slip away, and while pictures can seem minute and unimportant at times, they’re more than images, they’re memories. I’m humbled to have a job that allows me to be a part of so many memories in the lives of my friends and family. And to be there for my clients who become my friends and family through these moments! Chelsea and Scott, you are an inspiration to young married couples everywhere, and I’m honored to have been a part of so many sweet moments in your relationship. Here are some of my very favorite photos from their sweet sunrise anniversary session.

Bouquet: Farmgirl Flowers

Skirt: Anthropologie